"Coffee of exceptional quality is not easy to find.

But we do!"



Coffee picking is a manual harvesting process in which the ripe cherries are selected and picked one by one.



Careful roasting highlights the character of each coffee and balances all the flavours.



We know how to find out exactly what type of brewing method is perfect for you.

Coffee is a plant; a member of the genus Coffea in the family Rubiaceae. There are two main types of coffee, Arabica and Robusta, and many varietals within those types.

The ideal growing conditions for high quality coffee include a lot of sunshine, moderate rainfall, high altitude, consistent temperatures between 20°C and 30°C, and no frost.
For high quality coffee, picking the cherries by hand is the most effective way. Pickers select only the cherries that are ready for harvest and leave the unripe cherries on the tree to be picked later. Finishing hand picking on the same tree may take up to 4 months. How raw coffee bean is processed after harvested plays a critical role on the cup quality. Picked coffee cherries are processed to remove the skin of the cherry to reveal the bean. Two processes can be used: the “washed” or wet process and the “natural” or dry process.
At the beginning, coffee beans have 60% moisture and dried down to 12% during the process.